About us

Our story

Seven generations of craftspeople tell the story of our firm and their almost 150 years of love for wood and quality. A true passion for things beautiful and authenticity has marked our past, still bears its signs in our present and lays down the foundations for future generations.


1870 was the year of the first Avenanti workshop. Just a few months after the Unification of Italy, the cabinet maker Francesco Avenanti worked by candlelight, with passion and stubbornness, and produced pieces of furniture for daily use and some design objects for the local gentry, curiae and churches. Since the beginning our family has stood out for their excellent workmanlike capabilities and attention to details. Perfection has always been our mission and the founder Francesco handed down this value to his son Pompeo, who in turn handed it down to his three sons Pompeo, Emilio and Francesco.

The latter entrusted all of his know-how to his heirs, Eolo and Giacomo and so on and so forth until the present time.
In 150 years’ time, the Avenanti firm has grown without overlooking their long-cherished values: their focus on land and love. Year after year, they developed their unique know-how and competence, which culminated in the present-day industry-leading luxury brand of classical furniture.

Italian products

O ur furniture is fully designed, crafted and finished in Italy. We put special focus on communicating our culture and style through exclusive creations solely made from Italian timber. Quality is not only synonymous with prestige and long life. Quality is fully embodied in our Italian products that make Avenanti a leader in classical and contract-made furniture worldwide.

marchio a fuoco Avenanti

Our roots

T he love for our land and origins spans all what we do in our territory, which the Avenanti family respectfully exploits with passion and resolve.
Wood, land, vineyards and wine are fruits of our land and a source of inspiration for us.
Work, passion, craftsmanship are tools for the development of our ideas and dreams.
Paying tribute to our story means teaching generations to come the importance of their present, whose roots are deeply planted in a great past.